Excellent News!

Teachers are leaving the profession in increasing numbers, with a quarter of a million no longer working in schools, according to figures published by the Conservatives yesterday.

w00t w00t!

So we\’re training too many teachers, which means we get to close down a few of the teacher training colleges!

Great, anyone got a list?

4 thoughts on “Excellent News!”

  1. The problem is it is a girly subject, I bet nine out of ten of those non teaching teachers are off sprogging down, not that the average teacher’s brilliant brain and aptitude for hard work gets them poached by private enterprise. Similar stats apply to many other courses, even vets. Without knowing why they aren’t following their training it is impossible to draw conclusions. (Oh and people lie, when they say they it is too stressful what they may mean is that they prefer the life of a being a mummy, but feel embarrassed to say that, though they shouldn’t be.)

  2. Without knowing why they aren’t following their training…

    I know of at least two girls from my university who after a year of “travelling” and generally fannying about, decided to do a year’s teaching course because they paid a couple of grand on completion and they took practically anybody. It’s like a postgrad without the need for decent prior results.

    So I’d guess that a lot of the teachers who are leaving the “profession” are doing so because many of them never really wanted to be and never should have been teachers in the first place, which is why I am sceptical that teaching is a profession any more.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    The problem is that the government is a monopoly employer. Surely an economist can guess what is going to happen with the work force in these circumstances. As conditions become worse, won’t worse quality people be attracted to the job? And, worse, the better quality people will leave for jobs elsewhere? The problem is that bad conditions apply across the board. There is no teacher-by-teacher assessment of who should get the really crap conditions. Which means anyone who can get a job elsewhere will. The bad ones will remain. Surely this is a really bad thing? The answer to which teacher training colleges ought to be closed is an easy one to answer – all of them. They teach nothing of any value at all. But pay and conditions ought to be improved – and left to the market – so that the entire generation of teachers hired since 1975 can be sacked and replaced by people who might have actually considered becoming a lawyer instead. Win-win that one.

    (Not to mention the fact, of course, that the people who remain might be interested in teaching for some non-financial and non-work-related reason. Like, oh I don’t know, close relations in close contact and a position of trust and authority with small children. Yep, just the sort of people you want to remain in the system)

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