Great piece.

2 thoughts on “Excellent”

  1. Oddly enough, the latest column of catholicfundamentalism.com compares these non-jobs to various types of cannibalism. Those who participate in such neighbor-hating frauds are, in fact, cannibals of various sorts. Great article, thanks for passing it on.

  2. There is something we could do about this you know.

    Apply for, and get, one of these non-jobs. Don’t resign from your current job, you will still need real employment. Once engaged, and armed with a full job description, write an article for the local press describing why there is no job there, and that fact is concealed from the taxpayers. Try to find out what the other non-jobs are and who does them. Name names, tell all. Get it published in the press, and on a friendly blog. Resign from the non-job. Watch and wait for when they readvertise the job and lampoon them again the in local press and the blog.

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