Gosh, Really?

So they lose more data:

Miss Kelly was informed about the latest data loss – which experts say could expose millions to the threat of identity fraud – on Nov 28.

Yet she admitted the fiasco only last night, on the eve of MPs\’ Christmas break.

Amazing that, isn\’t it? The timing of the admission? Perhaps they don\’t have enough spin doctors? 20 days to write a press release might be a symptom of that you know.

5 thoughts on “Gosh, Really?”

  1. The data loss actually occurred in May 2007.

    Did not Civil Servants view the loss of private data on 3 million citizens as sufficiently important, back then, to tell their Minister?


    Best regards

  2. Ruth “man-face, boy-voice” Kelly was on the news this morning, she said, by way of apology (I paraphrase) “No data storage system can be 100% reliable/secure”.

    Funny how the banks seem to manage pretty well, they handle thousands of times as much information as the government. (You can even take your little bit of plastic abroad with you and withdraw foreign currencies from foreign cash machines for a very modest fee! Instantaneously!)

    Or, for that matter, accountants, solicitors etc, if we started handing out client info we’d be in massive trouble. So we don’t.

  3. Stephen Ladyman (and I have to stop myself calling him Ladyboy, because that would be very unkind), asked why the public was only told on Monday, said: “I assumed the new minister would’ve been told about it. It doesn’t look like a cover up to me – it looks like one of those things.”

    It didn’t occur to him to wonder why there had been no press mention of it? Surely if the new minister had been told, either it would have been all over the news or that same minister had covered it up. So either the department is staffed by incompetents, or Babe Ruth is a conniving little worm. Ladyman obviously assumes the latter. I assume both.

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