He Might Be Right You Know

Better minds than mine have worked at this problem and they haven\’t found a solution either:

Is there a method of convicting more rapists without convicting large numbers of innocent men? The government has not yet found a way – not through want of trying – and its options are getting fewer and fewer. It may be there is no realistic solution.

6 thoughts on “He Might Be Right You Know”

  1. Well, we do if we want to consider all the possible causes of the ‘rape epidemic’ we keep hearing about.

  2. I was hoping to prod a longer answer out of Bob B (funny, he’s normally a lot wordier!).

    And sure, maybe the rise of binge drinking (if there’s been a rise) has had some effect on rape figures (incidentally – and I have no idea – are rape figure up or down over the previous ten, twenty years?).

    I’m just surprised that Bob B singles it out as the one thing worth mentioning in reply to the post.

  3. I do reckon binge drinking is a factor, at least in those rapes where there is such doubt over the issue of consent (possibly changing the allegation:conviction ratio). Both the girls I’ve been friends with that were raped had been binge drinking (in both the real sense and the modern medico sense). Neither Bob B or I are suggesting that victims drinking justifies their rape or at all mitigates that crime, but it undoubtably increases the risk of the crime in the first place.

  4. Sure, I can believe that. But the fact that it’s the first thing that comes to mind – “tsch, women, they should stop getting drunk” – is, I think, basically pretty awful.

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