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The weirdest thing happened over the weekend. I had a post up at the other place which was getting some fairly serious traffic.  10,000 page views a day or so.

Then, sometime early Sunday morning, Google dropped that post from the index. In fact, they dropped all of my posts that were made on the same day from the index. They haven\’t reappeared today either (and I\’ve no idea about how to actually get in contact with Google themselves).

It just seems very weird. Just like everyone else there\’s a few scraper sites that pull off my RSS feed. They\’re still there, still showing the post. There\’s the various blog consolidation sites they\’re still showing the post is there. The index parts of the blog are shown to be on Google too. Just the actual posts from that day used to be in Google and now aren\’t.

Weird or what? Anyone got any ideas about it?

One other thing. Is there actually any way of finding out about the volume of searches on specific keywords? I kinda doubt there is as everyone would simply be targeting those, but anyone know?

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  1. Google has a contact page, and they even reply sometimes. They dropped a site of mine, I contacted them and it was back soon after.

    “Google dropped that post from the index” .. give it a few days, their entire system is never all in sync – just because you had a ranking yesterday does not mean it will necessarily be there today as you might now be connecting to a different server which has yet to update. Contact some friends elsewhere in the world and see what results they are getting. I have known occasions when google was giving different results (even on the same browser) for several days.

    Like I have advised before – time is better spent on content than seo – look after the content and let the bots work out what everybody else thinks of your content.

    Tim adds: I found Matt Cutts answering questions on a blog so asked him. He thinks the server was probably whirring away when the Googlebot came to call. Makes me wonder why it appeared and then didn’t but hey ho.

  2. Google Analytics gives you the numbers of searches for particular keywords or combinations for each search engine, if that helps.

    Tim adds. I can see where it tells me the keywords that people use to come to my pages. I can also see via Adwords some information on keywords that are being used in general (ie, not only those coming to me) but that’s very general indeed. What I’m looking for issomething like Yahoo “Buzz”, (but in much greater depth) where they tell you that 0.3% of all searches were for “Britney Spears”, 0.01% for “Colts Games Tickets” etc.

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