Hilary Benn on Climate Change.

There\’s something slightly unfortunate about this:

The world now understands that climate change is not just an environmental problem. It\’s also a security, economic, political and migration problem. What are we going to do when people begin fighting not about politics, but about water? What will we do when people start arriving on our shores fleeing not political persecution, but environmental catastrophe? And what will we do when the countries to which we sell goods can\’t buy them any more because they are having to deal with rising sea levels or crop failure?

The current estimate for climate change refugees is some 200 million over the decades. That is, on a yearly basis, about the same as the current global rate of international migration (no, not the UK one, vastly inflated by intra EU movements). While it\’s something to think about it\’s not a major problem. Water has a simple solution. Allocate property rights and price it correctly. Where water does cause conflict (say, arguably, Darfur) it is because there are no clear rules on who owns access to what water there is. As happens with any commons, when demand for the resource outstrips the natural capacity then management of access must be instituted.

As to falling exports, that\’s inane: we\’ve known sincce 1817 that it is imports which are important, not exports.

The unfortunate thing about this is that the writer, Hilary Benn, is the Secretary of State for the Environment, our chief negotiator on issues to do with climate change, and he clearly has no clue as to what he is talking about.

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  1. Actually, Benn knows exactly what he is talking about. He’s talking about laying a foundation for justifying additional State control. No mystery there.

  2. the climate is always changing and will forever change.If one day the climate or weather ceased to change or vary then a very strange day will have dawned. However we all know deep in our hearts that the weather will continue to vary and fluctuate in an unpredictable fashion and this is how our beautiful world is meant to be.Will the climate change zealots leave the weather to
    God and drop the Emperors New clothes.

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