Hmmm, What\’s that word?

Gold  digger is it?

A woman who has been awarded an estimated £18 million in three divorces is at the centre of a test case for pre-nuptial agreements after seeking share of her fourth husband\’s £45 million fortune.

Well, no, not so far, but the list of previous husbands:

Mrs Crossley, who was previously married to Robert Sangster, the late Vernons pools heir and racing magnate, is trying to block Mr Crossley from using the agreement in the courts.The former model, whose first two husbands were the Kwik Save heir Kevin Nicholson and the Lilley and Skinner shoe chain heir Peter Lilley,

Rather Mrs. Merton, isn\’t it? So Mrs. Crossley, what was it that first attracted you to the multi-millionaires Sangster, Nicholson, Lilley and Crossley? And this current marriage seems to have lasted a long time too:

The couple drew up a pre-nup shortly before their marriage in January 2006, following a whirlwind romance.

However, after Mrs Crossley filed for divorce in August,

18 months, eh?

Anyway, the whole thing is going to become a test case: pre nuptial agreements don\’t really work in England because of the nature of the marriage contract: it over rides previous contracts. Things like wills for example. ("I thee with my worldly wealth endow" is a bit of a clue.)

When this has been discussed before it\’s been pointed out that Scottish law is very different: what you had before marriage remains yours, doesn\’t it? Perhaps that\’ll be the way English goes as well.

6 thoughts on “Hmmm, What\’s that word?”

  1. Which leaves me with a question – if you got married elsewhere – say the US (as in my case) what the hell happens (and yes, it will depend on the state, if not the county…)

    Marriage should just be a private contract between individuals. Not something the state gets involved with (outside disputes about termination of the contract – although that isn’t strictly necessary either)

    Tim adds: Divorce law is, as I’ve been told here last time this came up, based upon country of residence at the time of divorce, not place of marriage.

  2. A little late, Bob B – Robert Hale pipped you to it.

    But as it’s probably the shortest blog comment you’ve ever made, I’m sure that can be overlooked…

  3. All these men were ‘heirs’ to their fortunes. I wonder if their fathers – or whoever made the money in the first place – would have been dopey enough to marry a woman with such a track record. That said, there are other countries – Switzerland, for example – that have similar rules to Scotland about pre-owned assets. Rank stupidity isn’t punished, on the other hand, a woman can be left almost penniless after many years of marriage if her husband inherited all his money, which isn’t ideal either.

  4. JuliaM – Due apologies here for any sins of omission or commission and for not noticing the duplicate link to the news today about Harriet Harman’s initiatve launching proposals to make paying for sex illegal.

    Her declared rationale is that making prostitution unlawful will remove one incentive to engage in human trafficking, which is surely worthy enough. But then why not focus on those particular features of modern life which motivate the customers of prostitutes to engage their services, like men’s mags and Page 3 girls? And what will be done about those guys who don’t offer a cash reward but a Gucci fashion item instead? And will this repeated offence merit a custodial sentence?:

    “I’m sure I’m not the only person who hides such a guilty secret, and I’m equally sure that anyone in my position would guard it as ferociously as I do.

    “Once, sometimes twice, a month I meet up with Justin, a 36-year-old divorcé. We go out for a meal and maybe to a club before spending the night in a hotel. I am a divorced mum and work part time to spend as much time as I can with my four children. Justin also has four children. But what differentiates our dates from the norm is that I pay for Justin’s company, including having sex with him.”

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