I Bet You Are Jeremy

This isn\’t a surprise:

The latest pull-out has annoyed rival business leaders at London-based Solar Century and local Indian operation, Orb Energy, who fear the impact of a high-profile company selling off solar business. Jeremy Leggett, chief executive of Solarcentury and a leading voice in renewable energy circles, said Shell was undermining the credibility of the business world in its fight against global warming.

If a well known and canny company gets out of a business: well, it devalues the reputations of those still in it, doesn\’t it?

You\’d think that Leggett would welcome the opportunity for his own business to step into the gap in the marketlace really, but he seems to be more worried about the wider message than that.

Wonder how Solar Century is doing?

2 thoughts on “I Bet You Are Jeremy”

  1. SolarCentury? I work for a company in a related field and I was subjected to a proper, full-on, finger-poking-in-chest rant from from one of Leggett’s employees about the need for massive taxpayer subsidy to make solar economical. The whole episode reeked of shiny-eyed quasi-religious zealotry.

  2. “These customers have often invested 20-30% of their annual income in a system to ensure they have some minimum amount of lighting and access to radio, TV, or a fan,” said Miller.”

    That pretty well summarizes the relative economics of solar and why Shell, et al, are getting out of that market.

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