So Congress has passed a climate change bill:

In addition to imposing a 35mpg standard on cars, the bill would require power companies to generate 15% of their energy from renewable sources such as wind or solar power by 2020.

It would encourage the use of energy efficient light bulbs – in effect phasing out incandescent bulbs – pay for training for \’green collar\’ jobs, and offer small monthly stipends to people who ride their bicycles to work. It also calls for tax incentives to encourage the use of ethanol as a motor fuel.

More ethanol? Just when everyone is coming round to recognising that it\’s both howlingly expensive and actually emits more CO2 than it saves? Raising the CAFE standards? Are these fools unaware that it\’s CAFE that created the SUV in the first place? Paying people to ride bikes? The mind boggles.

If you think that political action is going to solve climate change you\’ve really not been paying attention now, have you?



5 thoughts on “Idiots”

  1. “Are these fools unaware that it’s CAFE that created the SUV in the first place?”

    It was CAFE that created millions of shitboxes like the Ford Taurus, sold cheap to car rental companies (owned by car companies) purely to get the figures to the level where “nice” cars can be sold on high margins to people who want to buy them.

    It wasn’t CAFE that created the SUV any more than it created the muscle car. People wanted to buy these cars, and a creative way to arrange it was found – the essence of the market.

    If the Federal Government was worried about fuel consumption (for national security reasons) then it should have placed a tax on fuel. Then people could have chosen to buy a shit American SUV or not, depending on their personal preferences.

    Tim adds: Well, CAFE actually did create the SUV. It didn’t create the demand for large cars, that’s fo sure. But having two different standards, one for cars and one for trucks, meant that people who wanted the large cars found that the only ones available were those made on a truck chassis. Which areinherently more fuel consuming. People might well have preferred large cars, but they couldn’t have them because of CAFE.

  2. “If you think that political action is going to solve climate change you’ve really not been paying attention now, have you?”

    There is no human action that can predictably control the climate, political or otherwise. And if there were, who’d decide what the optimum climate would be anyhow. More lunacy I’m afraid, the forces of darkness are gathering the World over.

  3. If we (the world) are to take action on hypothetical climate change, then a carbon tax seems the least worst option. And I think, for once, the UN could be of some use.

    Since there are three main routes by which man reintroduces carbon into the environment – oil/gas extraction, coal/tar shale extraction and logging – I propose we stick a blue helmet at each wellhead and mine entrance, and get a couple of guys in Turtle Bay a PC and Google Earth to monitor logging. Tax bill arrives the next day. Simple.

    This will be expensive but not half as expensive as all the political micromanagement we can look forward to. And it will work.

  4. Stick a blue helmet at each wellhead and mine entrance? And give the UN a chance to expand the Oil For Food racket a couple of hundredfold?

    I prefer not to.

  5. I can see the day when real statistics are finally thrown out of the window as false numbers get used to justify made up targets!

    Getting 35 mpg out of a US car is nigh on impossible! They will end up being tested using the slo mo method of acceleration where the car takes 2 minutes to accelerate up to 56mph, while on a rolling road, in a very well heated lab.

    The cars in the real world will still be getting 12 mpg, but at least on paper, the eco loonies will be happy!

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