It\’s The Way He Tells \’em

Murphy again:

It’s simply the amount that it is claimed non-doms spend in the UK, which is not the same thing. In fact, it’s far from it. By this definition all people the world over who buy our exports ‘contribute’ to the British economy. It does not justify their having preferential tax treatment.

People who buy our exports do indeed get preferential tax treatment. They don\’t pay VAT (nor, of course, income tax, national insurance, fuel duty, etc, etc etc.) So if Murphy is correct in that these are the same things, then non-doms shouldn\’t be paying VAT, income tax, national insurance…..

6 thoughts on “It\’s The Way He Tells \’em”

  1. [I know I’m falling for the troll but] AC1, how exactly *would* you pay for the police/military/whichever other services even your brand of libertoonery accepts as necessary?

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