Jail Him! Jail Him!

There\’s a proposed new law in Germany which is really, well, rather remarkable actually:

Germany\’s parliament is to debate a new law that would effectively ban displays of public affection between under-18s.

The Bill was drawn up to protect children against sexual predators. However, critics fear that it will deprive teenagers of natural experiences and the fun of adolescent relationships.

For example, a 17-year-old boy caught "fondling" someone younger would be liable to prosecution, regardless of whether he has consent.

If the offence happened in a cinema, he would be deemed to have planned the assault by paying for a ticket.

Artists and writers could face up to three months in jail if they create "realistic descriptions of sex among young people".

So that\’s Laurie Lee ready to be jailed then (yes, I know he\’s dead).

You have to wonder whether people think through the implications of the laws they try and pass.

15 thoughts on “Jail Him! Jail Him!”

  1. “…the German government has far surpassed the UK government in terms of fuckwittery in many ways…”

    Oh, please have some confidence in our country, Mark! I’m sure the Government is working hard to pull ahead in the fuckwittery stakes…

  2. I heard about the samurai sword ban this morning. Apparently in response to a few people being stabbed by samurai swords. Perhaps they just ought to ban the stabbing of people with samurai swords, rather than the swords themselves.

  3. Reminds me of a reported comment from a bloke in Cumbria who’d just been sentenced to 14 days by the Mags after being caught in flagrente down an alley with a lady of negotiable virtue…

    “Tha can try tha ‘ardest, but tha won’t stamp out f*ckin’ in Broughton”… 🙂

  4. Having just been sent my yearly tax changes email from the tax attorney, I can attest to the fact that German lawmakers are amongst weakest when it come to coming up with legislation that any sense whatsoever. They are forever passing laws and then amending them when some unintended result comes back to bite them in the ass. This may result from their appalling weakness in understanding complexity or from them just being generally dumber than nine chickens.

  5. I was in Japan recently and was fascinated to see shops openly selling knives, guns, all sorts of things. I even took pictures of them to show my friends. Funnily enough, I had never felt so safe anywhere in years. No sense of having to continuously look over the yobs who populate the pavements, as you have to here in South London.

    To parody Bill C, It’s not the swords, stupids!

    As Coaker seems to be this lot’s Lord High Bansturbator, here’s a suggestion for his next targets


    We’ll soon see them using Cleanfeed to make all this disappear – more necessary ‘Protecting the Children’

    And Straw is just saying we have more liberty than ever.

    It’s sad, but I am seriously telling my kids that they should leave as soon as they can

  6. Ho Hum
    Guns -in Japan???!!! No – you were very most likely looking at replicas. And there ain’t many knives either. Weapons are in the hands of the yakuza, who are dangerous murderous thugs with political and police connections.
    Example – they front loan companies. If somebody gets into difficulty with loan repayments they can send their thugs to stand outside the person’s house shouting abuse all day, or a relative’s house. The police protect their right to do this, as long as they stop at nightfall and don’t continue more than a certain amount of weeks.
    Businesses pay protection money – police tell them it’s the best thing to do for the sake of harmony. This is the harmony that you find fascinating.
    And the older generation make the same comments about the degeneration of society and youth behavior as many of the older generation in UK do.

  7. Hi Doug.

    Ok, I can go with the guns being replicas, but they are still illegal here. The knives? I’m looking at the photo now. Kyoto, window display, top to bottom, edge to edge.

    The Yakuza? Sure, there are groups like that everywhere. Arguably here, some of them are actually within the law and protected by it. Car clampers and baliffs come to mind. Protection? I bet there’s a thriving underground here

    Young people? Yep. The older folk don’t quite like them. The Fuji tour guide, 70+ retired cynic I guess, described them, with a sort of maniacal giggle, as still living with their parents as ‘parasites’ . But I never saw the sort of day to day behaviour that I would in Brixton High Street

    Bottom line is still ‘It’s not the swords’

  8. Hi Ho Hum (Hi Ho, Hum?)
    Yup, it’s not the swords, but it most definitely ain’t Japan either.
    My example of the Yakuza is that it is part of the society that has no comparison in other ‘developed’ countries that I know of (maybe Italy?). Difficult to equate violent psychopathic criminals who can operate with near immunity with bailiffs, but I guess if it works …
    Fair enough, you have ‘better behaved’ youth with a very interesting suicide rate, but there is price to pay for this that visitors will not see until they have lived as part of the society.
    It is safer, but the UK is more (gasp!) democratic, loud and louche – I take your point about behavior but I am not sure that there aren’t trade offs in this.

  9. Hi Doug

    Thanks. I know I was being a little cavalier and Japan’s culture is radically different! However, despite its failings, (and I acknowledge that there are many) it has some things one could legitimately wish to see here. Like being able to be free to pay one’s respects at the Yasukuni Shrine, cf the Cenotaph, without being arrested, perhaps? 😛

    And it’s Ho Hum


    If you look closely, the strapline is ‘Let’s do it again’

  10. Hi Ho Hum
    It’s true, Japan has more liberty – much more than UK on many levels.
    But there’s a quote somewhere that I can’t quite remember – some dictator (Stalin?) said something like ‘the best way to control the population is to get them to control themselves’ – reckon that’s a major part of Japan’s harmony – I would hate to be Japanese in Japanese society.
    And why not do it again?:-)

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