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Joy! Joy

More bansturbation!

Motorists could be banned from smoking behind the wheel of their own cars while driving them as part of their job, it has emerged.

Isn\’t that wonderful? Your car, with no one else in it, becomes another place where you may not smoke. It gets better too:

Prof Richard West, the Government\’s leading smoking adviser, has called for a complete ban on smoking at the wheel.

He said: "It may seem draconian but the Government should legislate."

Not even the fig leaf about passive smoking is there. Just, I\’m agin it so it should be banned.

Now, where did the wife put that festive length of hempen rope she bought to lower my blood pressure….

4 thoughts on “Joy! Joy”

  1. They should sort out the mobile phone users first – I counted five on the short trip to the paper shop this very morning.

    No enforcement, no point!

  2. “No enforcement, no point!”

    You forget: we now pass laws to Send A Message. The success of new New Labour has shown that talking about something is regarded as the same as actually doing it.

  3. The article seems confused as to whether such a ban should apply to smoking while driving (sensible), or smoking while in the vehicle. The latter looks suspiciously like a shower of petty officials indulging an opportunity to spite the public.

    What fascinates me is the plethora of smoking bans being applied to private cars in car parks. If there were any public health hazard to passers by it would be negligible compared to the emissions from any car starting up and moving off in low gear.

    They will never be entirely satisfied until they can dictate every aspect of our lives.

  4. Rather than ban cigarettes from cars with children, why not ban the children from cars. After all they are really distracting when you are driving.

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