Julie Birchill

A marvellous piece, sticking it to the idiotarians. Do read it.

That theology degree is obviously doing her some good. Certainly sharpened her pen.

3 thoughts on “Julie Birchill”

  1. Wow. Almost could have been written by the Devil’s Kitchen himself (assuming the editor took out all the C, F, MF, and CS words).

  2. Oh lovely, finally some beautifully written common sense to counter the precious culinary up-their-own-bum brigade. Anyway, most of their chatter is simple snobbery and one-upmanship? Does anyone believe they use ‘artisan’ loo rolls? They do their shopping at Tesco when it comes to all the other, non-food, boring household necessities – and are very happy with the low prices – like everyone else. (and yes, I shop at the Borough market too)

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