Laying it on Thickly


Were I a senior Labour politician this weekend, much of the shame I\’d feel would be because people in my party had behaved like crooks; but a little, secret bit of it would be because they\’ve proved such incompetent crooks. We\’re not talking the Old Bailey here; not even Crown Court. We\’re talking Woking Magistrates\’ Court on a wet winter Tuesday; a shuffling line of dysfunctional miscreants in soiled shell-suits, struggling to read the oath, let alone to understand the charges against them.

2 thoughts on “Laying it on Thickly”

  1. Then just imagine how poor Matty must have felt when members of his Party were not only in attendance at the Old Bailey but sentenced to a diet of porridge too. Not just dysfunctional miscreants but bang-to-rights, good old fashioned… crooks.

  2. It is really cause for concern that this petty party donor issue has chased out of the news the two substantively more important issues of the huge financial risk to taxpayers from Northern Rock and the loss of the two CDs with the personal details of 25 million taxpayers receiving child benefit.

    The party donor issue can be cleared up through a police investigation and prosecutions if need be, along with a bit of new legislation but the adverse downstream consequences of Northern Rock and the lost CDs could drag on for many years to come.

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