Listening to the Police

A police spokesman said: "The officer tried to offer words of advice but the male refused to accept them. So the officer was left with no option but to issue a fixed penalty notice of £30.

It\’s a crime now not to listen to police advice?

5 thoughts on “Listening to the Police”

  1. Just for once, my sympathies tend towards Plod. It’s not a crime to disregard his advice; it’s a crime (RTA) to leave the vehicle running and unattended. What the copper did seems to be what we all say we wnat them to do – deal with things “softly softly” by “having words in ears” rather that issuing tickets. This idiot, having been told his action is illegal, chose to mix it – he deserves his ticket if only for stupidity.

    It doesn’t matter that he can lock his car; it doesn’t matter that it’s legal in Canada; it matters that it’s illegal here whether it’s stupid law or not. Plod tried to do his job without jumping it feet first, punter refused to cooperate, punter got a ticket. No problem.

    How impossible do we want it to be for the police?

  2. I suspect his real crime was showing the police officer up for being an ignorant arsehole who can’t deal with a member of the public being right (about the car’s security) and him being wrong. That, and having a nicer car than said ignorant arsehole PC.

    I’d challenge it in court – let them prove the offense, if they can!

    “…Every year we appeal to the public not to leave their cars running unattended on frosty mornings as they are easy pickings for thieves….”

    Translation: We can’t be arsed to do anything about car thieves, so we’ll terrorise the public instead.

    As so many of the comments to that story in the Telegraph have said, this is why normal, law-abiding people now hold police officers in utter contempt.

  3. ” it matters that it’s illegal here whether it’s stupid law or not.”

    I wouldn’t pick Canada as an example of a country with fewer stupid laws. You need a permit for your child to paddle in a pool in a park or serve alcohol at a party.

  4. I think you’ll find ‘words of advice’ are a technical term for a telling-off. If you have done something technically illegal a sensible copper will tell you so, you say ‘Sorry officer, I didn’t realise, thanks for pointing it out to me’ and that is that. If you say instead ‘Why are you picking on me when you should be arresting real criminals ?’ the copper is likely to escalate, which may be a bit sad but it’s hardly surprising.

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