Lord Ashcroft

Seems a bit odd that The Telegraph is dissing Lord Ashcroft. Still, I think the anger from the Labour side over his role can be found here:

But Lord Ashcroft is far more than a donor. "He\’s really about management not money," one frontbencher said.

Lord Ashcroft has by his own admission never liked being a "passive investor" in business or politics.

"I much prefer to be involved – to make sure that my investment is wisely placed and where I can to help," he wrote, shortly after the 2005 election.

All politicians are infested with the idea that they know how to run things best. It\’s the definition of the beast if you wish. Now someone has turned up and shown how business actually works: not the fantasy that so many have, of grinding the faces of the workers ino the dust, but actually looking at what is happening on the ground and then organising scarce resources so they can be used to best effect. And given the noises being made about this marginal seats operation they are indeed being used to good effect.

The furore is not actually anything to do with the money (as is noted, his donations are lower than Lord Sainsbury\’s to Labour) nor his residence, but the fact that he\’s showing up the pretentions of the policial class as a whole: businessmen really do know how to run things better than politicians.

They\’ll never forgive him for that, never.

5 thoughts on “Lord Ashcroft”

  1. Actually, if Ashcroft has managed to adapt his thinking to how politics works, which is very different from business, then he is an exception. Most businessmen come a cropper in politics. Remember Archie Norman and his attempts to sort out Central Office? Pathetic.

  2. When ever Labour point out Lord Ashcroft’s uncertain tax situation as a negative, it surprises me that the Tories don’t ask the same back about Sir Ronald Cohen’s similarly unknown status.

  3. i think telegraph readers should be told that rachel sylvester is a close friend of tom baldwin, the Times reporter humbled by lord ashcroft in his book dirty politics dirty times.

  4. You seem surprised that Michael Ashcroft is a controversial figure. I suspect that many conservative politicains are well aware of his past business record, and are rather wary of him.

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