More Childcare

All sounds rather Stalinist, doesn\’t it?

The 10-year Children\’s Plan will address the whole experience of modern childhood, including concerns about the decline in play outside of school hours and worries about children\’s self-confidence.

Ten year plans to make th New Briton?

But the basic news is that free childcare is to b offered to two year olds. Rather confuses me, for haven\’t we seen recent reports that starting childcare too young actually harms the child?

2 thoughts on “More Childcare”

  1. “haven’t we seen recent reports”

    Reports are only useful in confirming bias. Witness Polly: get a report that says “inequality kills” then it’s “woe, we must, our duty”. Get a report that says our kids are illiterate – after 10 years of pouring cash into the system like grain into a French goose, and it’s “the report is flawed, the protocol is invalid”.

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