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Music Trivia

Noddy Holder was Robert Plant\’s roadie?

Robert Plant, born in West Bromwich, was 19 and, having abandoned plans to become a chartered accountant, was desperate for a break in the music business. With nowhere to live, he was sleeping in a spare room in a pub in Wolverhampton – opposite, as it happened, the window cleaning business run by Noddy Holder\’s father. "Noddy was our roadie," remembers Plant. "We used to go to gigs with his dad\’s buckets banging around on top of the van. And that is when I met Pagey."

Makes an interesting start to an alternative history, don\’t it? What if Jimmy Page had hired the other one? Guitarists the world over massacre the famous solo from "Cum on Feel the Noize" and every Christmas is celebrated with the Top of the Pops performance (and re-release) of Stairway to Heaven with the bloke in the gold topper?

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