Nice Line

Speaking of embarrassments, the Spice Girls have managed to imbue their long-awaited comeback with all the glamour and class of a hurried crap in a service station toilet by whoring themselves out to Tesco. The first instalment, in which the Girl Power quartet try to hide from each other while shopping for presents, represents a important landmark for the performing arts: Posh Spice becomes the first human being in history to be out-acted by a shopping trolley.

6 thoughts on “Nice Line”

  1. This is very tiresome. The Spice Girls never had anything to do with feminism despite that cry of “girl power” though if it encouraged girls to get out there and make something of themselves that’s all to the good. It’s entertainment. Bad entertainment, I grant you but you do not have to watch it. It seems a large number of people like it and do want to watch and pay large sums of money for it. So? How does it concern anyone else? The market speaks, n’est ce pas?

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