Nick Clegg\’s Lying Already

Well, already is a little off, for as a politician he\’s been doing it for years. But as leader he is already, as Alfie points out:

But wait, Mair had an ace up his sleeve. His last question to Clegg concerned the BBC ban on the words \’faggot\’ and \’slut\’ in the seasonal song \’Fairytale in New York\’ by the Pogues/Kirsty MacColl. "So Nick, what are your thoughts – is the BBC right to bleep out these two words?"

Bearing in mind that the Christmas ballad is a classic, has been voted the best Christmas song of all time, has been in the charts every single year since it was first released 20 years ago, is used on the telly every year to advertise virtually every Christmas CD compilation and is played remorselessly on all of the nation\’s radio stations for up to 6 weeks before Christmas, Mair felt confident he would get a cogent, wisey-word answer from the new LibDem oracle…..

He has to doesn\’t he? I mean, is there anyone in the YouKay aged 20 or over, who hasn\’t heard the song at least a thousand times?…..

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