Nick Cohen Paperback

The paperback of Nick Cohen\’s book on the left is now out, with the postcript up at his site.

Cohen is something of a friend of this blog: I\’m absolutely certain that at some point in the not too far distant future we\’ll get him from being librul to classically liberal.

4 thoughts on “Nick Cohen Paperback”

  1. I’m glad he’s removed the invention of a dedication to Paul Wolfowitz in Azar Nafisi’sbook.

    I also notice that he’s edited Martin Amis’s quote to remove the name of Hassan Nasrallah, correctly I think.

  2. I read the paperback when it became available here in the states in March of this year.

    His description of the political Left in Britain is almost identical to that of the behavior of the political Left here. While you have the BBC despising George W. Bush, we have the private television and radio networks CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC despising him even more.

    No wonder so many of us have adandoned them for the Internet.

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