No, Really, it\’s True

We do indeed suffer from a shortage of professional politicians:

Taxpayers are to foot the bill for big salary increases and more perks for councillors under Labour plans to make a career in local government more attractive.

Well, we do, don\’t we? We absolutely need more people with little or no experience of the real world living off the taxpayer\’s money while spending that money.

The report recommends scrapping the requirement for councillors to attend meetings to vote. It says: "The Government should introduce legislation to enable involvement in meetings including, but never limited to, voting, without the need to attend in person."

And they don\’t even need to turn up to get it.

It also calls for an end to by-elections, saying: "At the time of local elections, political parties should be able to publish a list of reserve councillors, who can replace a councillor of their party who stands down during their term, avoiding the need for a by-election."

The commission, chaired by Dr Jane Roberts, the former leader of Camden borough council, proposes state funding for local political parties tied to meeting state diversity and equality targets.

Nor be elected to get it. And they should be paid (as long as they meet those all important diversity and equality targets) for even trying to get elected.

This is a straight out money grab by the political classes.

Fuck \’em.

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  1. As someone who ran for council this year and plans again next time, I think these suggestions are fucking ridiculous. Under the previous rules we used to have someone on the council who lived in Spain. We can expect much more of this in areas such as mine where one party dominates by virtue of voter habit.

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