This afternoon, the wife and I noted that temperatures were falling. 16 oC in fact.

Time to get the winter woolies out we thought.

So, how\’s things at home then?

8 thoughts on “Observation”

  1. Snowing here in BC. Snug and warm watching enough of the cold white stuff build up for skiing.

    Timbo, know anything about project Stork? Something to do with shared data across the EU and ID cards and the IPS. There’s a rumour David Davies is going to ask a Question about it in the House of Commons on Monday.

    A friend

  2. Minus twelve here. I’m off to Siberia next week to gawp at a pipeline, the insulation from which the locals keep nicking. I’m told it’s minus thirty there.

  3. Cold and pissing down in NE England. I don’t expect this situation to improve until April at the earliest.

  4. It’s windy here in Brixton. It’s not too chilly just yet: I’m still only wearing a suit and shirt.

    I would contemplate wearing my overcoat, but the Victoria line tends to be rather warm as it is…


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