Organ Transplants

There\’s good and bad in everything:

Hundreds of below standard hearts, lungs and kidneys have been taken from drug addicts and transplanted into critically-ill patients, The Daily Telegraph has been told.

That\’s the bad.

"We are getting desperate," he said. "We were much more careful 10 or 15 years ago because there were more donors. The age of donors is going up.

That\’s the good. Fewer people are dying of accidents at a young age (the most likely source for transplant organs).

2 thoughts on “Organ Transplants”

  1. Some other possible reasons why the donor/waiting list ratio is dropping: people are more reluctant to sign up as donors; people doing more non-fatal damage to themselves (liver cirrhosis); genetic fitness of population declining; medical technology allows people to stay on waiting list for longer; medical technology makes more transplant operations feasible.

    I suspect the latter two are the most important.

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