Our \’Enery

Porter rather lays into Polly T here.

The breathtaking dishonesty of her argument is to describe anyone who opposes Labour on these grounds as a being a right-winger. In our democracy liberals exist in all parties – thank God – and it is eloquent of her desperation that she seeks to portray those who stand for liberty, rights and privacy as being individualists who are seeking the aura of victimhood, which of course decrypts as privileged middle-class dilettantes. The allegation comes from the hard-line sectarian communists of my student days, and it is hardly surprising to find the same generation still at it in New Labour, yet now adding notes of vanity, self-righteousness and priggishness.

I had an email from an Observer journalist once in response to my advice on voting. Voting Tory would make Polly\’s head explode and it was worthwhile for that reason alone. The gist of the email was that anything which made Polly\’s head explode was indeed worthwhile.

There\’s still something of a fault line between the Observer and the Guardian you know. The former is more classically liberal, the latter more modernly.

2 thoughts on “Our \’Enery”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Ah hem. I believe someone else pointed that article out, with just that quote, a little bit earlier on the other Polly thread.

    I do love the “notes of vanity, self-righteousness and priggishness.”

    Tonight I shall go to bed praying that Polly responds. I haven’t had this much fun since someone called Julie Burchill a fat slag in print.

  2. “was that anything which made Polly’s head explode was indeed worthwhile”

    A .44 magnum should do the job nicely! 🙂

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