Polar Bears Not Endangered!

Climate change ain\’t gonna wipe out the whities!

"We have this specimen that confirms the polar bear was a morphologically distinct species at least 100,000 years ago, and this basically means that the polar bear has already survived one interglacial period," explained Professor Ingolfsson.

"And what\’s interesting about that is that the Eeemian – the last interglacial – was much warmer than the Holocene (the present).

"This is telling us that despite the ongoing warming in the Arctic today, maybe we don\’t have to be quite so worried about the polar bear. That would be very encouraging."

Hurrah! So Dance people, Dance with Knut!


11 thoughts on “Polar Bears Not Endangered!”

  1. If you really want to annoy the greenies tell them that the number of polar bears has tripled since the ’70s. You would think that should make them happy.

  2. “Yeah, because humans were sooo prevalent 100,000 years ago.”
    They are barely more prevalent in the Artic now.

  3. “Yeah, because humans were sooo prevalent 100,000 years ago.”
    They are barely more prevalent in the Artic now.

    That’s because of all the Polar Bears.

    By the way, Antartica is warming up 5 times faster than the rest of the world apparently. I understand Ozone is a greenhouse gas . The hole in the Ozone Layer over the Antarctic is now shrinking thanks to PCB banning. Is there a connection with warming? I only ask.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    As the world is not warming, and has not been since 1998, how can the Antartic be warming five times faster?

    What makes you think the hole in the Ozone layer was caused by PCBs? That claim was assumed but never really proven. It may be that the hole was cyclic.

    Environmentalists have a simple concept – the umbrella species. To put it bluntly, polar bear cubs are cute and worms are not. So the aim is to find an umbrella species which you can make a big fuss over and hence protect the larger environment by protecting the US. Elephants are an excellent example of this. Polar bears clearly are too. Everyone knows that they are not endangered but they are cute. So if you can make a big enough fuss maybe you can ban oil drilling in the ANWAR. Sometimes this reaches absurd proportions. While Greenies lobby over allegedly endangered and very cute koalas for instance, at least one State Government in Australia pays to have them killed because they have too many of them.

  5. PCBs=PolyChlorinated Biphenyls; a type of plastic that degrades over many years, making its disposal in landfill a source of long-term pollution of groundwater (wells, aquifers, and eventually the sea)–typified by melamine (Bakelite, etc.).

    CFCs= Chlorinated FluoroCarbons. Under pressure, these are liquids/gases formerly used to expel the contents of (pressurized) spray cans. Released into the atmosphere, their effect is said to be responsible for creating holes in Earth’s atmosphere through which the naturally-occurring ozone escapes, reducing its protective effect.

    Just as words mean different things, so do these abbreviated forms.

  6. gene berman wrote:
    “Just as words mean different things, so do these abbreviated forms.”

    I am honoured to have encountered someone apparently so perfect never to have made an error. As I said, I was only asking a question to elicit an answer. To be frank, if you and So Much For Subtlety are on the sceptic side of the climate debate, I can understand why Al Gore and the Polar Bears get a better press.

  7. Gallimaufry:

    I’ve made a few mistakes, of course–but so long ago that I forget what they were.

    As far as your being “honoured”–that’s quite all right–think nothing of it. Endless supply and all that, so spreading it around is what you guys would call “noblesse oblige.”

    As far as climate change is concerned, I probably do lean a bit toward the skeptical side. It’s probably a knee-jerk, conservative tendency to resist forming a strong opinion on something I know so little about (and have virtually no ability to affect much one way or the other). And, you’re quite right–Gore and the press were made for each other.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Gallimaufry, that was a very interesting comment but I notice that you failed to prove that the world has warmed since 1998, or that polar bear numbers are declining. I also agree that the media’s spin is a much better story than the boring old truth based on facts that are, like, soo hard, but that does not make the polar bears endangered. Nor does it make me wrong.

  9. So Much For Subtlety, I never set out to prove that the world had warmed since 1998 or anything about Polar Bears. I was simply hoping that someone could enlighten me on an apparent climate glitch in Antarctica and whether tinkering with one variable (like the ozone hole)by banning certain chemicals has as yet unknown effects on other aspects of the world’s climate. All I am sure of at present is that the Earth’s climate is a lot more complicated than even the most advanced computer models (which are continually tweaked as new data and mechanisms are revealed). I do reckon that increasing the Earth’s population from about one to six billion in a century can’t be doing much good to the old planet.

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