Senator Charles Schumer

Is Senator Charles Schumer a complete fuckwit?

So some ball players are found to have been using human growth hormone (that is the HGH to which he refers). It is not illegal to either possess or use HGH without a prescription.

So, umm, without having shown that the use of HGH is harmful, without having shown that there is any good reason to make possession without a prescription a crime, he urges that it should indeed become a crime, simply because some ball players have been found to have used it.

So, we come back to the question. Is Senator Charles Schumer a complete fuckwit or is he simply a grandstanding politician?*


* My apologies to those who will insist that I am repeating myself.

8 thoughts on “Senator Charles Schumer”

  1. Why, yes, Charles Schumer is a complete fuckwit. It is well known that the most dangerous place to be in Washington is between Charles Schumer and a camera.

  2. I read an article a long while ago about a professional cyclist nearing the end of his career who retired slightly early in order to basically try out performance enhancing drugs and document their impact on his performance in amateur events. He said that HGH was the hardest to give up, it made him feel a million dollars. His eyesight regained its acuity, scars healed etc. Anyone know of the side effects?

  3. So what is wrong with pointing out that using drugs ( any drugs) to improve an individual’s athletic ability is both common and undesirable.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    I stand second to none in my belief in Charles Schumer’s fuckwittery, but on the other hand I have a naive belief that people ought to compete at the top level without pharamceutical support – and that if they are not prevented from doing so pretty soon no one will be able to compete at the top level without pharmaceutical help.

    Although I am sure I can think of eight or nine bigger fuckwits in American politics. It is with a warm pleasant glow that I recall the joy I felt when I read someone on the Guardian call Carol Moseley Brown “a more promising [than Obama] Black woman from Chicago”.

  5. John Cramer: nothing; but that doesn’t mean that anything which is common and undesirable shoud be illegal (Dennis Skinner being the obvious exception).

  6. Tim – your apology accepted this once. Try better next time.

    Andrew – HGH has only been effectively synthesised quite recently but has been administered for years for growth hormone deficiency. It mucks up puberty (which might be really strange at 30+), can cause skeletal damage (as can any normally induced growth), interferes with adrenal & thyroid activity and when it was only got from the pituitary glands of corpses was suspected as a source of CJD. I just missed (slightly not quite short enough) NHS administration of the pre-synthesised version.

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