Shock, Horror!

The latest entry has the results of a ComRes Poll, which shows that 44% of MPs now favour Fixed Term Parliaments. Sadly only 25% of Tory MPs have seen the light. Meanwhile 41% of Labour MPs and 88% of LibDems are on the side of the righteous.

44% of parasites want to know how long they\’ll keep their job for.

5 thoughts on “Shock, Horror!”

  1. Ah yes, but you can still have votes of no confidence in fixed term parliaments, whoever wins the next election is then in power for the remainder of the original four or five year term. Like when a US President dies or resigns.

  2. Helen, I was using that example to illustrate the concept of “remainder of the fixed term”. I could have fleshed it out with examples (Harry Truman, LBJ, Gerald Ford) but that would have been a bit tedious.

  3. Monty,

    I suspect that if you prevent incumbents manipulating election timing, then they will respond by intensifying their efforts to manipulate the economy to match the election cycle. They will probably fail (we’re talking about politicians), but such attempts are damaging enough already.

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