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Jasper Gerard:

Perhaps David Starkey is right and the Queen is a philistine. But as he churns out shows about monarchy, why trash the brand? He accuses the Queen of agreeing with Goebbels that \’every time I hear the word "culture", I reach for my revolver\’. So he will forgive me if I point out that the quotation wasn\’t Goebbels\’s. It originated with Nazi playwright Hanns Johst.

And if I may complete the corrections, it\’s is said of Goring, not Goebbels, and it is not revolver, but "Browning".

If is, you see a pune*, a play on words.


*Pterry spelling: and yes, Browning the American poet and Browning the gun. Which is what Goring is said to have carried rather than a Luger.

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  1. Thanks, Englishman. When I heard this first, as a boy in the 1960s, Goering was alleged to be the source, but always reached for his “gun”. Given that he would have carried an autoloader, my eyebrows rose when “revolver” came into now universal use. Pistol was always more convincing.

    Given, too, Herman’s liking for a bit of art, even if it belonged to someone else, I am glad you have cleared the old brute of being a complete philistine.

    Even memes mutate it seems.

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