The Bad Elf

I love this:

Canada\’s post office and police are trying to track down a "rogue elf" who wrote obscene letters to children on behalf of Santa Claus, a newspaper reported on Friday.

The Ottawa Citizen said at least 10 nasty letters had been delivered to little girls and boys in Ottawa who wrote to Santa this year care of the North Pole, which has a special H0H 0H0 Canadian postal code. Return letters from Santa are in fact written by an 11,000-strong army of Canada Post employees and volunteers.

"We firmly believe there is just one rogue elf out there," a Canada Post spokeswoman told the paper.

Canada Post\’s popular "Write to Santa" program — which last year delivered more than a million letters to children in Canada and around the world — has been shut down in Ottawa until the offender is caught.

A new meaning of "Going Postal" I suppose. I wonder what was actually in the letters?

And as to one rogue elf? Not now people have got the idea there won\’t be.


2 thoughts on “The Bad Elf”

  1. Surely the shutdown is the least reasonable response; it punishes most prospective recipients without protecting them, while failing to detect the culprit(s).

    Surely it would have been better to carry on without alerting the bad elf, and just check all outgoing letters from the identified office of source.

    Best regards

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I am so glad I don’t have to pay for Canada Post. The idea that my tax dollars would pay for this cloyingly sentiment tosh is too awful for words.

    Having said that who wants to bet that the usual suspects will over-react and charge whoever is responsible with kiddie porn related offenses? After all, an obscene letter directed at children would be grooming wouldn’t it?

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