The Horrors of Portugal

I pottered out tonight….the wifie is away doing that pre-Christmas grandmother thing in England.

Had dinner in the cafe at the end of the road. Got to order it, the day before, so they can get the stock in sort of thing.

I ended up with a bottle of not very good red wine. About a lb or so of not all that good beef, slowly cooked with garlic and onions. Boiled potatoes, a tomato and onion salad (they\’d peeled the tomatoes, I should add), bread, dessert of a couple of fresh pears (I was greedy and asked for a third) and a cafezino (for the uninitiated, an espresso and a local brandy).

No, there\’s better food out there in this world. There\’s even better food than this in England.

I got charged €10 for the lot.

The horrors of Portugal, let me tell you.


4 thoughts on “The Horrors of Portugal”

  1. Aaah – Maceira 5 star – the most delicious drinking brandy on earth.

    Then there is locally produced medronho and bagaceira – not the commercially bottled stuff, the man’s taste. I remember swapping bags of freshly picked almonds for local bagaceira – an honest taste with no allowances for refinements.
    You’re up Loule I seem to remember – and I remember a real low-life brothel up there – maybe you know it? No, perhaps not.

    Tim adds: Messines. And yes, I know where the local piano bar is…..

  2. Timmy, buy some lovely fresh produce and learn to cook. Then you can rustle up a nice welcome home dinner when the boss returns. Think of this as an opportunity. Concentrate on one main course, and one pudding, that you can make a good job of.

    Doug, do you think it’s wise to swap your almonds for bacteria? ( One never knows where they’ve been. If in doubt, fry them.)

  3. That pails in comparison to …. Utah cuisine.

    They had a survey a few years ago to come up with the iconic Utah foods, and the winners were 1) Stephens’ Hot Chocolate (a powdered mix), and 2) “fry sauce” – a mix of mayo and catsup.

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