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The Youthful Vibrancy of the Lib Dems

In particular, and despite being 59 himself, Mr Eno has been instructed to advise the Liberal Democrats on how to appeal to young people.

My favourite story (which I might have mis-remembered but that\’s how these things go) about Eno was the reason for leaving Roxy Music. He said that with both him and Brian Ferry in the band one had to go: there\’s only room for one non-musician in a band.

Still, nice to see that one political party is up there, with it, appealing to the hep cats and the musical combos topping the hit parade.

4 thoughts on “The Youthful Vibrancy of the Lib Dems”

  1. Brian Eno is responsible for the Windows 95 startup sound. Even today when I hear it I get a Pavlovian reaction of mild nausea at the thought I might be subjected to the hideous excrescence that is Win95.

    Although rumour has it that he created the sound on a Mac.

  2. Errr, why not just talk to young people directly? Is this new politics, of which so much is spoken and so little seen, simply a means of putting further distance between the public and their politicians.

  3. Eno was, of course, the producer on the finest James albums and he is quoted on one DVD as saying that they were his favourite band to work with.

    Since he produced them on every album from Laid onwards, IIRC, he has managed to bring out the very best in them, certainly…


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