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An excellent recycling idea from Stagecoach and some business advice from Loic Le Meur.

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  1. What about this for an idea?

    Local Authorities call for local able-bodied people to acts as recycling officers. each has a small sector of their home town. Each has access to a set of covered skips, and keys. Each gets a handsome Council Tax discount as a reward for joining the recycling scheme.

    Every working day, the recycling officer goes out around the neighbourhood with a wheelbarrow. One day, he collects paper and card, next day, tins, etc. Twice a week it’s noxious waste (dirty nappies one day, tater peelings another).

    Perhaps once every two weeks it’s troublesome waste, like electronic goods, sump oil and batteries. Or maybe enthusiastic recyclers would want to collect old clothes, spectacles , shoes and boots, hearing aids, wheelchairs and toys on a quarterly cycle….
    Unlock the appropriate skip and put the stuff in.

    All the council has to do now, is empty the sealed skips, on a cycle which is economic for them. Charities don’t have to go house to house anymore.

    We have recycling centres in most of our towns and cities now. Hordes of folk take their junk, in the car, to have it melded with other peoples junk. Or they pay the council to make a special trip to collect the stuff.

    I have seen lawnmowers, office furniture, tables, chairs, computers, printers, reading glasses, microwaves, cookers, cups, saucers, plates, coats, boots, jewellery, fabrics, and working TVs and fridges lined up for the landfill. Only thing I never saw going in the trash was money.

  2. Great idea – and why not offer welfare recipients these jobs? Not forced by any means, but probably a lot of recipients would be happy to do this for a small remuneration.

  3. So Stagecoach customers will have the privilege of standing ankle-deep in rancid chip-fat after the bus corners sharplyand the lid comes off the bucket. Great, I can see that idea saving the planet. Anyway, I thought frying was verboten because it causes obesity and cancer according to the Nutty Health Scares, so won’t the supply of oil diminish as people eat better or die? My green transport idea is to remove bus floors to “encourage” passengers to walk (but out of the rain).

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