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Flogging off the banks at the top of the market and my BBC mole.


3 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Tim, you’re predicting here a 50% fall in stock prices of banks. So let’s say in mid-Feb they’ll be half what they are. This surely is a much easy way to make money for you, if you really believe that, than your spam/porn site you run.

    In the interests of full disclosure, can you tell us your short position in international banking stocks?

  2. So I remember way back when that the Japanese bought half of my own state (California) along with most of New York and Hawaii- and then sold it back a few years later at a dreadful loss… not a bad event, all in all.

    Mathew- Tim’s site is much less porn than it used to be. Give the guy a break- I’ve been back awhile and haven’t seen any of the more atrocious sales gimmicks he used to employ. Besides, Tim would be far better at porn than a mere ad for Ann Coulter of all people.

    Love you, Worstall.

  3. Tim,

    Did the thought that, in your words, Johnny Foreigner might attempt to recover their losses through the bank charges/ service charges/mortgage arrangement fees/whatever actually paid by British citizens actually occur to you?

    Tim adds: Sure. And then I remembered that all profit seeking businesses already charge as much as they possibly can anyway.

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