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Abolish the Arts Council and ain\’t privatisation great?

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  1. Look, I agree that there’s a lot wrong with the Arts Council but I am really getting tired of your constant whining and moaning about abolishing any form of State subsidy for the arts.

    There has never been a society where the Arts have not depended on one sort of patronage or another; whether it be from the Church, the aristocracy or any other source.

    We all benefit from that historic patronage and I see no reason why the State, through taxation, should not step up to the mark on this when the State taxes away the power of patronage from those who might previously have exercised it.

    Even those who never attend a subsidised performance of the opera, music or theatre benefit from their existence for without the ‘high arts’ and the standards they induce in performers and practitioners the popular arts would be impoverished.

    Of course, if you want to live a philistine existence then you’re free to do so but I don’t see why the rest of us should do so.

    Tim adds: You may wish to live an existence enriched by te subsidised arts: great, get subsidising. Why force me to pay for your desires?

  2. “arts for snobs.” Ah, the good old chip on the shoulder makes its appearance.

    As for you, Tim, I presume you opt out of all those Portugese , UK and EU taxes for government expenditure of which you disapprove?

    Including all those defence industry customers that subsidise your businesses.

    Tim adds: The light bulb industry is subsidised defence industry? The bicycle? The baseball bat? Airbus arguably is (although it’s not a very strong argument) and as our gross margin from them this past year was of the order of $4,000 I don’t think I’ll worry too much about taxpayer subsidy of our business.

    And of course, I pay the lowest taxes that I legally can.

    But that has very little to do with whether tax money should be spent in certain ways or not: that’s an argument that needs to stand or fall on its own two feet. And no, I don’t think that the preoccupations of the upper middle classes (literary novels, ballet, opera etc) should be paid for from the taxes levied upon the poor. I understand why they are: it’s the bribe to the luvvies and the literati to get them to accept the extension of the State. To which my response is, pay for what you want yourself.

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