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At the ASI.

The Tax Justice Network does not prove what they think they prove.

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  1. Do you think Richard Murphy should have bene a tax collector rather than an accountant? Rarely have I read such ridiculous and naive drivel. The man seems to think that private income is a dirty word and that all governments should have first “dibs” on our money. That man’s a complete and utter crackpot. Tell me he’s a communist and I’ll understand.

  2. Maybe I am missing something here…

    If about 20% are living in households below 50% of the median income, isn’t that just the lower quartile of the distribution? Wouldn’t that be roughly what one would expect anyway? Or would we expect more of the population to fall into the two quartiles on either side of the median?
    It seems to me this isn’t saying very much at all. It’s like saying half of us are shorter than median height isn’t it?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Actually doesn’t it also prove that redistributing income through the taxation system works?

    If so it surprises me. I would have taken bets, and offered good odds, that it didn’t.

  4. Well it may work in that it takes money from one group of folk, and after taking the treasury cut, gives the remainder to another group of folk.

    Ok so redistribution achieves— redistribution.

    But how does it work in terms of improving the quality of life, the standard of living, or the opportunities of children? If children without boots, were provided with same, fair enough. If hungry youngsters were fed, fair enough. Why aren’t the criteria based upon such tangible benefits? Show me these barefoot starving waifs.

    The real child poverty in our society has nothing to do with money.

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