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At the ASI.

Those little rooftop windmills? They create more CO2 than they save.

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  1. Here on the North East coast of England, we have a wind turbine station. A windfarm, promoted by windbags. Non-operational due to being an economic joke, and not worth it’s own connecting cables. Also, down at the harbour, we seem to be importing fabrications for the same machinery, presumably to be installed elsewhere. By other windbags.

    Thing is, the blades at least look to me like they have to be massive precision castings. That makes sense in engineering terms. That’s how they usually fabricate propeller blades. And the towers aren’t exactly made of wicker either.

    But this engineer can’t help wondering what is the total life-cycle energy budget is for these leviathans.

    Some years ago I had a brief venture into teaching ( big mistake, never to be repeated);. I distinctly remember reading lesson plans about the way the Dinorwic plant “generates free energy”. I don’t tell lies, so I bailed out.

    But how many folk in government understand how even to ask the right questions when such schemes are proposed? How many of them have noticed that you can’t get airborne by hauling your own bootlaces upwards?

  2. Not just that… Due to the inherent instability of the wind and thus the power that can be generated from it, it’s not feasible to turn off the “normal” CO2-emitting power stations as they have to be left “ticking over” in order to be able to make up shortfalls and variations in generation, literally from minute-to-minute.

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