w00t, w00t!

A drug that reverses severe liver damage could be used to treat disease in heavy drinkers who find it impossible to give up alcohol. Scientists developed the drug after discovering a way to prevent the formation of excessive scar tissue caused by cirrhosis, hepatitis and other medical conditions.

To their surprise the drug not only slowed progression of the disease but also reversed damage to the organ.

Decent present for the New Year, ain\’t it?

9 thoughts on “w00t, w00t!”

  1. If only those interfering quacks could restrict themselves to coming up with fixes like these rather than pontificating about our lifestyles then the world would be a better place.

  2. This is splendid news. Now, if I could find an even less expensive way to brew beer, I could swill with impunity.

  3. Of course, one hopes that those who cannot (?) stop drinking will be paying for the drug rather than getting it on the NHS that refuses to have new anti-cancer drugs because it cannot afford them and refuses to supply them to people who are prepared to pay the extra. Just putting things into perspective.

  4. The discovery is actually about removing and preventing scarring.

    This might be a much bigger find for plastic surgery .

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