Well, Quite

If we want democratic political parties, democracy should pay for them.

Absolutely so. And there\’s nothing quite so democratic as asking someone directly to open their wallet for you. If they don\’t wish to do so you don\’t get the money and you can bugger off.

3 thoughts on “Well, Quite”

  1. Basically, the idea is to turn politics in Britain into nothing more than a protection racket – pay up, or else undefined horrors from pervasive corruption will be your fate. And if tax payers do pay up, what they will be paying for is jobs created by nepotism for the boyos.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    There are numerous reasons for opposing this horrendous idea. The obvious one has been pointed out before – if the funding rules now are broken because they are crooks, it is not a good idea to give them your bank details. But there are other obvious ones. What if we don’t want to fund the little bastards? What if we are getting as much political activity as we like? As long as *we* fund them by giving them cash, the total amount of political activity probably represents as much as we are willing to tolerate (that is, as an average weighted for income. If poor people want more political activity and rich people want less we will probably get less than the average person wants). Above all if we fund the little pricks voluntarily they are forced to be efficient with our money. As long as the State does they can simply demand more and they have the keys to our piggy banks after all. But if there is no endless spout of money, they will have to make sure they are spending our money well and wisely – or at least better than anyone else does.

    Of course we could just go the whole hog on this approach and abolish the welfare state. Give all the money to members of Parliament to spend in whatever manner they see fit in their own electorates. Sure it would be gross wasteful and a lot of money would be pissed away, but on the other hand there would be pressure to perform and it is probably less wasteful than giving it to the Social Services and have them use up half on administration. If someone wanted their school funded or their nephew put on the dole, they would know who’s to blame. I’d even like to see campaigns where the candidates offer post dated cheques. Now that ideolo9gy is dead, why not go back to buying the voters?

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