Well, Quite

Odd but encouraging to find a real liberal in The Guardian:

Here is the book you ought to read to fortify you for the further assault on our freedoms and civil liberties that lies ahead: Towards the Light by the philosopher AC Grayling. It is subtitled The Story of the Struggles for Liberty & Rights that Made the Modern West. Grayling vividly describes how the rights and freedoms liberal democracies take for granted were won at great cost in heroic suffering and death, over several centuries. Yet we\’re in danger of losing them, quickly and unnecessarily, in the name of public safety and administrative efficiency. He reminds us of Benjamin Franklin\’s saying: "He who would put security before liberty deserves neither," and ends with a passionate plea to "never give in to the thieves of our liberties … It is what we owe the dead who bought them for us with their lives, it is what we owe ourselves in our aspiration for good lives, and it is what we owe those whose lives are to come: the inestimable gift of liberty, and the security of inalienable rights."

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  1. We seem to be witnessing the final victory of the state and the capitalists. The people can no longer fight the state as the state is too powerful and well informed, and the capitalists, so long as they OBEY THE LAW, continue to thrive and grow. Both the right and the left lost the ideological battle, we are free to pay tax and OBEY THE LAW, the state will be obeyed and the state will not tolerate anything but obedience.

    Liberty died with whimper, though it was won with many bangs.

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