Would Maggie Have Backed the EU Constitution?

She would, is the contention of Roland Rudd (who he?)

While majority voting arouses fierce opposition in some quarters, it was Lady Thatcher herself who signed up to it under the Single European Act in 1986.

As it is generally agreed that she considered that majority voting to be her greatest mistake about the EU then I\’m not sure that\’s really supporting evidence.

6 thoughts on “Would Maggie Have Backed the EU Constitution?”

  1. It’s an interesting point. She signed most European laws when she was in office, which is a good indicator. But also she clearly would now say she wouldl never have signed any of them. But I suppose that’s what being out of office allows you to do – she was far more pragmatic a prime minister than she would now let on.

  2. There are 27 countries in the EU. Getting everyone to on everything all the time would clearly be impractical; nothing would ever get done. Those who say there shouldn’t be majority voting in the EU secretly want to wreck it.

    Tim adds: “Secretly”? Are you sure you’ve read this blog before?

  3. ” She signed most European laws when she was in office, which is a good indicator.”


    The Prime Minister doesn’t sign laws.

  4. She seems to have accepted the “political project to unite the West”, though she had no intention of being in the van.

    Most people who lived through the war accepted the “politcal project to unite the West” even if they did not want us to hand over the keys to our nukes in any great hurry.

  5. Uniting the West is one thing; creating a centralized, protectionist, bureaucratic state is something quite different. Thatcher took a lot longer than she should have done to understand the difference but she did it, in the end. The trouble is that every politician seems to want to reinvent the wheel – they all have to go through that long, long learning process. By the time they get anywhere near the end of it the EU has moved up by another half a dozen ratchets.

    Like Tim I make no secret of the fact that I do want to wreck this appalling structure, not least because it undermines whatever unity the West may possess. There are other reasons as well.

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