50 Greatest English Writers

The Times.

A very, very, sad list.

They have room for Hanif Kureishi, but not for Alan Coren, Tom Stoppard nor Terry Pratchett.

Don\’t bother with it.

12 thoughts on “50 Greatest English Writers”

  1. British, not English – I don’t think Iain Banks would appreciate that mistake (good to see him on the list though). WTF is Rowling doing there?

  2. Mathijs van den Bergh

    If they hadn’t included Rowling, they’d have been accused of elitism (as if a list of greatest writers could be anything but elitist!).

  3. I’ve ignored your advice, Tim, and had a butcher’s. The “since 1945” bit you hadn’t mentioned. So I’m wondering, who’s the post ’45 equivalent of Dickens i.e. the chap whose inclusion proves it to be rubbish?

  4. I think one of the best is Somerset Maugham for the delicacy in the writing of his songs I encompassing, making fine culture with a level of simplicity and perfection which is remarkable…others : John Donne , John Keats , ect.

  5. One mustn’t hold Rowling’s works in contempt for their sheer popularity or accessibility; her works, if properly studied, will reveal great depth and meaning, if one is able to overcome the excitement which is but poorly concealed. Nothing in the book is without meaning; even the names are allusions to the character’s personality. The series was meticulously planned and it is evident from the absence of any rogue and blunt introduction of new magical phenomena in the starting of a book where the entire plot revolves around the said phenomena. (People might ask, ‘What about the concept of ‘Horcruxes’ or ‘Deathly Hallows’ which was introduced only in the ending and the entire plot revolved around it; well, then one must remember, one horcrux and one deathly hallow was already introduced in the second and first installments respectively with special significance attached to them both- the Riddle diary and the Invisibility Cloak).
    I, therefore, deem it to be worthy of all praises it has received and those which it will continue to receive.

  6. ullu !!! stupid,all just time wasting ………. where r the 50 GTREATEST WRITERS ???? off!!!! its irritating

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