A Question for Hillary Clinton

Someone should ask her this at a debate:

Now that lies Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick told on the witness stand have been exposed, one Detroit lawyer and political consultant said the next question is: What will Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy do?

Using text messages Kilpatrick and his chief of staff Christine Beatty exchanged, the Free Press revealed that they lied on the witness stand when they denied having had an affair.

The question?

"Should the Mayor of Detroit resign now that he\’s been shown to have perjured himself over his sexual conduct?".

I don\’t think for a moment that anyone would get a straight answer but it would be fun to see the squirming.

1 thought on “A Question for Hillary Clinton”

  1. YHS lives in the Detroit metro area. Be assured that there’s several further shoes waiting to drop in this whole tawdry mess.

    Mayor Kilpatrick with not be charged, nor will Ms Beatty. The Detroit Democratic socio-political machine (of which Kym Worthy is a part – she’s a past candidate for Mayor and still harbous those ambitions) will take care of him on this one, as it has on all his past scandals. He’s the son of one of Detroit’s Democratic grande-dames, he’ll be fine. But it’s fun to watch him squirm, using all the same excuses and explanations as President Clinton did.

    What is it about Democrats that they just can’t help themselves from having affairs with their subordinates? Republicans can be just-as-tawdry, of course, but they at least seem to be able to keep their hands off the help?



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