A Very Sensible Policeman

Good grief! Decent common sense being talked about drugs!

The policeman has a broad answer: “There has not been a single case of someone dying as a result of being poisoned by ecstasy.

“The most famous case is that of Leah Betts, a young girl who actually died of water poisoning in 1995. Because ecstasy causes you to be thirsty, she drank too much water. Her brain stem was crushed and her heart stopped. My advice to everybody is don’t take ecstasy in the first place. But why should it be a criminal offence? It may be stupid, but why should you be arrested and prosecuted?”

He believes it would be ludicrous to ban alcohol and cigarettes and wants them included in a new substance misuse act – but he admits “nobody knows” how they might be regulated. He also advocates the legalisation of class A, B and C drugs, which would be dispensed by the state and thus deprive criminals of a multi-billion-pound market. He doesn’t want drug-takers needlessly criminalised.

Invoking numerous sources, he claims the war on drugs is unwinnable. “It is not possible to run a democratic country and stop drugs getting in,” he insists. “We reckon, on the best evidence we’ve got, that we stop between 10 and 12% at best of the drugs imported into the UK.”

His assertions on heroin would give most antidrugs campaigners cold turkey. Despite heading his “hierarchy of harm”, he says it is “not particularly dangerous”, although highly addictive. “If taken sensibly, heroin has no known adverse medical effects.”

Brunstrom contends that prescribing heroin to addicts has been proved to reduce their criminal activities: “Because most of their criminal behaviour is driven by the need to gain cash and buy more drugs.”

Something of a pity that no one is going to pay the blindest bit of notice.

5 thoughts on “A Very Sensible Policeman”

  1. He’s only saying what the smart folk are thinking. I applaud this forward and pragmatic approach. I hope this attitude catches on but so many many of the electoral in Western countries are so clueless with regards to drugs / illicit weeds and things that grow on cow pats in the late summer to early autumn and so many politicians are so spineless and career careful that I fear little or no change will be seen over the next decade.

  2. Heroin is the only known cure for the common cold. Keith Richards reckoned that in all the years he was on heroin, he never got a cold. If it’s clean and pure and taken in the right dose, it is nigh on harmless (apart from making you a bit sleepy and irritating to be around).

  3. “nigh on harmless”

    I thought it caused chronic constipation too?

    “irritating to be around”

    Full of shit and irritating to be around. Time we started random drug testing for MPs.

  4. Very sensible policeman ? This is the same one who on his day off volunteers to zap drivers doing even 31 mph in a 30 zone. He seems to believe it is far safer to drive with your eyes glued to the speedo rather than the road.

    At best only selectively sensible.

    Alan Douglas

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