Alex Massie

He\’s big, he\’s bad and he\’s back in the UK.

Among the many pleasures of The Spectator – greatly improved under Matthew D\’Ancona\’s watch – few are greater than Charles Moore\’s weekly column. Having edited the Speccie himself Mr Moore knows how to write a notebook-style column. Ranging over acres and acres of ground – an archive of the column is here – it\’s classic Toryism of the finest sort. Some recent snippets of common sense, wry humour and insight. Proof of the column\’s excellence is that one need not agree with it to appreciate it.

He also appears to be gunning for a job on The Spectator.

4 thoughts on “Alex Massie”

  1. That seems a little, well, I was going to say harsh. But presumptious certainly…

    Struck me as being neither. Rather more a compliment accompanied by a bit of a joke (serving as, perhaps, an indirect endorsement). BWDIK? I’m not the one who wrote it nor the one about whom it was written.

  2. The Spectator is greatly enhanced under D’Ancona?

    Tell that to your humble Devil and his father, both of whom have cancelled their subscriptions since the beginning – and because – of D’Ancona’s tenure.


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