Argle, Argle, Argle

Damn this is supremely annoying.

Europe is Europe\’s last remaining realistic political utopia. But Europe remains to be understood and conceptualised. This historically unique form of international community cannot be explained in terms of the traditional concepts of politics and the state, which remain trapped in the straitjacket of methodological nationalism. If we are to understand cosmopolitan Europe, we must radically rethink the conventional categories of social and political analysis.

Wibble wibble, Nuremberg Trials, wibble, Churchill, wibble, New World Order, wibble….

Can we please get something transparently clear? Europe is a continent. It doesn\’t do anything, doesn\’t mean anything and is not a model for anything. It simply is. The European Union is a political construct. This might mean something, might do something and might be a model for something. I happen to think that it means bad things, does bad things and is a poster model for something that should be abolished.

But the European Union is not Europe and should not be confused with it.


2 thoughts on “Argle, Argle, Argle”

  1. Tim,

    I really rather prefer the period of European history when the place was referred to as ‘Christendom’; but Mr. Beck seems a wee bit confused about his meanings.

    As ever I am open to correction, but the Peace of Westphalia served rather higher purposes than ending the connection between Church and State (if it, er, actually did that). Its primary purpose was to end the Thirty Years War, that appalling German civil war that killed one German in four. Its primary achievement was to establish the principle that the sovereignty of nation states is inviolable. Thus it’s a pretty strange, confused kind of ‘European’ who cites Westphalia in one breath and posits the existence of some foggy idea of ‘European-ness’ in the next.

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