Blair\’s £ 2 Million a Year

As the red in tooth and blood capitalist bastard that I am of course I\’m delighted that our ex-PM is earning loadsa wonga advising a US bank.

Tony Blair will earn around £2 million a year in his part-time role as adviser to the Wall Street bank JP Morgan without ever having to go into the office, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

The salary – far higher than reported so far – is proof that Mr Blair is well on course to becoming the richest former prime minister in history.

It aids the balance of payments, brings money into the country, he\’ll pay tax here on money earned off septics….all good things.

However, I do wonder slightly about the figure itself. $4 million a year? Or has someone made a slight error in translating the figures? The original claims were of $1 million a year….which if you get your exchange rates upside down, gives you £2 million a year, rather than the £500,000 everyone else has been reporting.

But no, of course, a newspaper wouldn\’t get that bit wrong, would it?

7 thoughts on “Blair\’s £ 2 Million a Year”

  1. And is it not an amazing coincidence that the very same bank, JP Morgan, has just acquired £2 billion-worth of mortgages from Northern Rock? Would you like to care to bet on whether those are mortgages with a good credit history or with a bad credit history? Did JPM pay £2 billion or was did they pay £x for mortgages of a notional value of £2 billion? I think we should be told….

  2. Blair… “Pay tax”..? Surely Sir, you jest. I believe JPM have branches in the Caymans, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, etc…

  3. Ok it satisfies your capitalist instincts Timmy, but honestly the man is economically illiterate and his knowledge of geopolitics is pretty crap.

    He’s like a hostess at a gentleman’s club.

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