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Blogger Needs Help.

So, got a spare fiver or so, perhaps a little more, sitting around in a PayPal account?

You do?


Go here, here and here. Then stick some cash into the paypal account on any of those pages.

Yes, of course the things he needs we have already paid for through taxation, and we all know how efficient that system is, don\’t we?

The man\’s struggling to afford an armchair that he can actually sit in. He was, until earlier today, wondering how to have a walking stick made to his needs (rather than an adjustable one which continually breaks). A bath that he can get in and out of would be nice, as would raised kitchen counter tops.

No, of course, we\’re not going to buy all those things for a stranger, someone we\’ve never met, someone we know only as a collection of electrons on a screen.

But we might club together and buy one of them perhaps?

No, don\’t gather here, go there and spend some money. Or at the least, repeat this post or the instructions in it on your own blog.

Yes Polly, there is such a thing as society: it\’s just not the same as the State.

2 thoughts on “Blogger Needs Help.”

  1. I am tony’s girlfriend Lynda ….. today you have completely blown me away ….. i have been stuck for words (definitely not like me) and snuffling on and off all day (happy emotional snuffles)……. but i have finally come up with a few words that can convey a very small part of what I’m thinking.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart …… I will never forget what a difference the true kindness of a complete stranger can make.

    Lynda xx

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