Bugger, Bugger, Bugger

I had a very sweet deal indeed going with an advertiser on the Tabloid blog.

That has just been cancelled (complex reasons but at root, because Google has changed the rules).

So, anyone know of an easy way to make £ 800 a month?

8 thoughts on “Bugger, Bugger, Bugger”

  1. Well if it was the irritating news video feed, I can’t say I’ll miss it. Publisher solidarity only goes so far, you know… (-:

  2. No suggestions, but a few questions: John’s comment leaves me wondering if I missed the memo about this. Do you WANT us to drop over there on a regualr basis? Would a click-through or two help/make any difference? Does anyone stay long these days with that damned automatic news feed at full volume?

    Finally, a lead for you: I hear the EU is spending lots of cash looking for supporters.

    Tim adds: No, don’t go there! It’s purely to get visitors from Google. God alone knows that I don’t want anyone to actually read it….

  3. If you were 20 years younger, a bit prettier and I was that way inclined…

    Otherwise, out of hours work editing the news sections of the homepages of major ISPs (read: checking news feeds and putting up the occasional link and picture) pays rather well, and can usually be done from home. The only trouble is, such jobs only come up infrequently, are rarely advertised, and normally involve working the occasional weekend… If this had happened a couple of months ago I could have got you an in, but sadly no vacancies at the moment.

    Not much help, that. Sorry.

  4. “So, anyone know of an easy way to make £ 800 a month?”

    I hear little Kennie Livingstone is short one flunky just now. How’s your Nigerian….?

  5. “So, anyone know of an easy way to make £ 800 a month?”

    Sure, but you’ll have to wear fishnets.

    Still, even walking the street must be a better way to make a few extra pennies than writing those awful mortgage pieces we did last year. Euch.

    Tim adds: Market’s rather dropped out of those pieces…

  6. I got contacted the other day by a guy with a great deal. All you have to do is give him your name, address, credit card and bank details…

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