Gurgle, snort, splutter:

Sad and baffling, the tragedy of Peter Hain is the story of a rare talent wasted, but I hope not lost for good.

No mas, no mas:

His detractors portrayed it as vanity and ambition that Peter stuck to office when others left to voice opinions he either shared or had some sympathy with. But what is vain about wanting to achieve something instead of being a permanent political commentator? And what use is talent without ambition?

* tears trickle down face, fists beat upon desk*

I hope Peter will be back, pending of course a verdict on what went wrong with his campaign. We don\’t have enough politicians with his flair, resilience and daring to be able to lose him permanently from office.

Ooooooh dear, thanks John. Haven\’t laughed so hard in years.


6 thoughts on “Bwahahahahaha”

  1. “Working for Robin Cook, Jack Straw and Margaret Beckett, he was the chief media advisor to the Foreign Office on every major international event since the Kosovo conflict, and was heavily involved in the negotiations with Iran on its nuclear programme.”

    And those all went so well….!

  2. The Peter Hain principle.

    A politician will get more corrupt until his level of corruption goes beyond his abilities to cover it up.

  3. Great stuff, AntiCitizenOne, just a tad sexist. Let us not forget Wendy Alexander and Harriet the Horse Harman. So may I respectfully suggest:

    Politicians will become more and more corrupt until they reach a level of corruption that is beyond their ability to cover it up.

    One needs to add the caveat that they will then cling to office until faced with criminal action.

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